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Will the operation go smoothly?

Posted by Wroskopos on March 31, 2010

I had a dental appointment (is interesting many I know are having teeth issues at this time), concerning an oral surgery for a tricky extraction. After years of fighting a losing battle with my teeth, this matter was of importance so, astrology on the rescue and I asked whether this time the operation would proceed smoothly (I am a known escapist from dental appointments) and whether it be successful.
Naturally, I was biased to get a “yes all will go well”, expecting some complications but at least the surgery would take place and at most I should have to cope with medicine.
Let’s see what happened, as this was a hell of an appointment.

Dental appointment horary


The querent (myself) is signified by the first house, its ruler Venus and Moon. The chart is radical for a couple of reasons: ruler matches my natal one and Moon is in perfect conjunction to my natal Sun. How is the querent’s condition? Venus is in her detriment, in the 7th house of doctors (in medical Horaries), is in the hands of the doctors and not in great condition, the angularity offers accidental dignity but essentially is debilitated.
First house also signifies the health of a patient, here as Venus is detrimented, so is the health. Is not a lethal condition but we know our querent is ill. Being in the term of Saturn speaks of a chronic condition which again is true.
Venus is also the ruler of 8th house of surgeries, it doesn’t give us much more info. It makes sense it share ruler with the ascendant and it made some sense being a detriment.
The ascendant is in Via Combusta:

Concerning Horary charts, the ascendant on Via Combusta renders the Querent on unlucky terms. May just be scared and expecting a disaster or can pretty much already experiencing that disaster, especially if his significator planet also treads the burnt way.

Dead on as it later proved.

How about the illness itself? This we get by the 6th house and its ruler Jupiter. A strong domicile Jupiter, this illness is not a weakling but at least, the ruler is in mutable sign, it comes and goes and it may change for better or worst soon. As I was in the “worst” for weeks, this seemed a nice attribute, much better than having the illness in a fixed sign (which would have meant the disease was here to stay). What is even better, is Jupiter really likes Venus, he adores her, seeing her from exaltation. This is another good indication as it means the illness is friendly and therefore lenient towards the querent.
What else catches our attention is the exalted Sun inside the house of ill. An extremely hot Sun, in a hot cardinal sign, often points out to acute fevers or acute inflammations. There is inflammation but Sun is also almuten of 7th house and given the outcome, it had more to do with the surgeon than anything else and you shall see how that worked in what eventually happened.
I usually do not bother with outer planets but, there are exceptions. When the outer planet is positioned so as to trying hard to get our attention, like right on the cusp of a relevant house or in direct combination with the main significators. Here Uranus is like really nudging us to take him in mind. He is positioned on the cusp of the house we inquire for; the 6th house. Uranus is a disruptive planet, there always is a sudden and unexpected change, sometimes out of the blue discord and separations. This is exactly what happened in the end but, at the time of delineation I considered it a very good indication for an extraction – a sudden pulling out – of a tooth.
So at this point I am left with the impression that alright, I am detrimented (and everyone that has experienced teeth pain knows how detrimenting that can be), that the extraction will take place, that something sudden and upturning might happen due to Uranus and that the procedure will happen but afterwards I will have some inflammation issues. I wish…

It was time to see how the doctor scores in the chart. Is he a charlatan? Is he good? Doctors are always the 7th house in medical Horaries. Mars, ruler of the Aries 7th house is positioned in the 10th house, gaining accidental dignity by angularity but is peregrine. Beyond that, he is term, face and detriment of Saturn. Too much malefic in his dignities but it could also mean a serious person. Being peregrine is a debilitation but he gains some dignity being in mutual reception with Sun in Aries. So, our surgeon seems decently ok. Mind you he is a visiting surgeon, not my direct dentist who had made the appointment, being peregrine seems appropriate.
Then why is Venus applying a square to him? Is there going to be tension between us? Definitely. Even with Mercury refrains the direct forming of the aspect, we bypass this as it is not directly related to our question. What is that Mercury doing inside the cusp of 7th house? Mercury is a co-significator for the doctor and sees Venus from detriment. Again is peregrine and angular. Combining what we have for the surgeon, he is Mars (exactly the planet assigned to surgeons) and Mercury. A short, slim man, around my age, authoritative (given the many Saturn dignities). I got the impression he would be an agile small man with some strict authoritative attitude.

End of matters is the exalted but retrograde Saturn in the 12th house of his joy. I took it to mean I would have to go back to finish the surgery or its aftermath and that part, was point on. End of matters favors me as I rule it but, deeply dislikes the doctor.
So far, the chart makes sense and does not talk of disaster. A few negating points fit pretty nicely the procedure I would have to go through. In this chart, it is Moon that gives the real answer.

Moon is in Libra, not peregrine as she is in her Face but is in the 12th house of self undoing and subconscious. Alright, this could mean deep inside I am very against this operation or simply scared and the inner me wants to get out of the situation. Nothing truer concerning dental appointments. 😀
Here comes Tradition though! There is no bigger “NO” in Horary derived from aspects, than the opposition of Moon to Sun. And here, in this chart…That opposition is the one and only aspect Moon currently applies.
The answer to my question whether the operation happens and goes smoothly, is given right here, by this aspect and is a loud and clear NO. The operation either won’t happen, or won’t go smoothly at all.
As Moon is in a Cardinal sign, it is going to take action to prohibit the situation and my subconscious will play a part in it. And so it did.
The fact Pluto is connected in the major aspect that gives the outcome, forming a T-square, might be an indication that even modern concerning the planet, it might be an interesting point to take in consideration.


The surgery never took place. The visiting surgeon demanded to know too much personal information of mine, going as far as to ask my whereabouts, how I “cope with life” financially and was overall out of line and extremely aggressive. He refused to perform the surgery, he yelled and screamed in hysterical condition, he slammed his desk and in the end he was yelling for someone to call the police (!!) in fury and desperation (nobody was paying attention). Yes, I did a lot of thunderous yelling as well, proving the Venus Mars square almost an opposition.
Moon played its part perfectly. I subconsciously wanted out of the procedure and I truly grabbed the opportunity of aborting when the surgeon presented the option. Judging back, I am happy I escaped, if that person lost his temper in a manner much belittling him as a male (maybe I have old minds but males should not squeal in high pitched voices), what would he do if a complication happened during the surgery?

As things turned out, looking back at the chart, I would expect to see Moon in Via Combusta and Moon Void of Course as well as a mutual reception from Fall between my significator and the surgeon’s.
Can you see more indication of that strife in this chart?

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Starting with Horary – The basic steps 1

Posted by Wroskopos on February 13, 2010

1. Cast the chart
2. Chose your significators

3. Look for aphorisms
4. Find the state of your significators
5. Find the action (if any)
6. Keep it simple

1. Cast the astrological chart

You will need exact time and geographical location of the moment and place the question was formed in a clear compelling urge. In plain words, you simply need time and place of when and where a question was asked. In complicated words, you need the time-space coordinates to set as your reference system grid in order to solve your problem (that is: your question).
There are two ways to set your coordinates, you can use the time and place the querent asked the question OR, you can use the time and place of the astrologer, for the moment he understood the question. Which one should you chose? Depends on personal preference, reasoning and experience. Try the method that makes sense to you and test the results. Keep what works.

In my – loosely based on string theory concepts – opinion, ideally you should take the querent’s time-space coordinates, as it was there and then that the universe gave “birth” to the question. Many serious astrologers use this method.
Other astrologers prefer casting a chart for the moment and place they “understand the question”. Many serious astrologers use this method, too. Professionals have used it, when receiving a chart that made little sense or when receiving the chart with delay and events had already started happening.

In older times, way before the handy computer programs – that made it so easy to cast a chart – came along, astrologers had to be quite efficient in applying mathematics. Back then, you would need to manually calculate logarithms, include in your calculations the height of the place of the question, turn time units into space units and vice versa, and so on.
Nowadays, all you have to do is buy a program (or find a free to use one, like Morinus) to do all that or, you can choose one of my “Useful Links” on the right sidebar of this blog, that include free online chart creating software.

2. Choosing significators

I will stress a point that is often omitted: not every planet holds signification in your question’s chart. It won’t make you smarter if you try to explain every celestial body in a chart; it will only make you confused.
This often happens with people coming from natal astrology, where generalizations are considered impressively eloquent. This is horary; primary you want an exact result. Find that and then – by all means – go be all vague and add every celestial body and part in your delineation.
Some resolve to such procedures for the mere reason “it is what they know”. If (for example) someone knows a lot about a Pluto-Neptune inconjuction in natal charts, will try to assign it an importance in any horary chart as well – even when they signify nothing in the said chart. That is bad astrology.
Know that, the more you learn horary, the less you generalize. You will focus on the relative only and will, voluntarily, discard the useless excesses.

To choose the appropriate significators, you need to have some knowledge of houses and their assignments. A cheat-sheet list follows that is by no means comprehensive but, will be handy on your first steps in horary.

1st house – Always the person who asks the question
2nd house – Income, mobile things you own, personal values, own assets
3rd house – Communication means and products, transportation means, early school, books, siblings, neighbors
4th house – land, houses, home, father, mines
5th house – Fun activities, amusement places, children, pregnancy, gamble
6th house – Illness or health, small animals, colleagues
7th house – Intimate relationships, open enemies, opponents
8th house – Death, surgeries, sex (in modern astrology)
9th house – Abroad/foreign, higher studies, publications, religion
10th house – Career, boss, public status, mother
11th house – Friends, group activities
12th house – Hospitals, prisons, large animals, hidden enemies

Read part 2 here
Read part 3 here

© 2010 All rights reserved – Με επιφύλαξη παντός νόμιμου δικαιώματος

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Πότε δίνει ‘ναι’ η Ωριαία – Σκονάκι

Posted by Wroskopos on November 11, 2009

Αυτή η ανάρτηση είναι ταχύρυθμο σκονάκι για μια φίλη του blog την Kitty.
Σε επόμενες ανάρτησεις θα δωθούν αναλυτικά οι περιπτώσεις και περιστάσεις κατά περίπτωση, εδώ δίνω μια μικρή λιστούλα, που προσοχή, δεν είναι πασπαρτού. Δεν εφαρμόζεται αδιάκριτα.

Τα ‘Ναι’ στην Ωριαία:

1. Ο δείκτης του ερωτώντος κάνει θετική γωνία (τρίγωνο, εξάγωνο) ή σύνοδο με το δείκτη του θέματος που μας ενδιαφέρει.

2. Η σελήνη είναι ισχυρή (από ιδιότητες) και κάνει θετική γωνία ή σύνοδο με τον ωροσκόπο.

3. Ο δείκτης της ερώτησης να κάνει σύνοδο με τον ωροσκόπο.

4. Να έχουμε ‘Μεταφορά Φωτός’ (translation of light). Τι είναι η μεταφορά φωτός; Έστω ότι οι δείκτες μας δεν κάνουν γωνία, αλλά κάνουν (και οι δύο) γωνία με έναν τρίτο πιο ελαφρύ πλανήτη (πιο ταχύ δηλαδή). Ο τρίτος πλανήτης, τους ενώνει περνώντας το φως από τον ένα δείκτη στον άλλο. Τους φέρνει σε έμμεση γωνία δηλαδή.
Παράδειγμα: Δείκτες άρης και δίας, δεν κανουν γωνία μεταξύ τους, αλλά η αφροδίτη κάνει γωνία με το δία κι αμέσως μετά με τον άρη.

5. ‘Συλλογή Φωτός’ ( collection of light). Εδώ έχουμε τα ίδια απαιτούμενα με τη μεταφορά φωτός, με τη διαφορά ότι ο τρίτος πλανήτης πρέπει να είναι βαρύτερος και από τους δύο δείκτες μας (δηλαδή βραδύτερος στην κίνησή του).

6. Αμοιβαία υποδοχή και δη είτε από έξαρση, είτε από κυριαρχία.

Ακούγεται απλό, αλλά υπάρχουν λεπτομέρειες που επηρεάζουν όλα τα παραπάνω.
Ειδικό ενδιαφέρον έχουν οι ιδιότητες, γιατί καθορίζουν τη δύναμη κάθε πλανήτη (αν είναι αδύναμος δεν μπορεί να δράσει, αν είναι σε ‘κακή’ διάθεση θα κάνει ζημιά αντί για καλό, κλπ). Επίσης για τα 4 και 5 είναι απαραίτητο ο τρίτος πλανήτης να είναι σε ιδιότητες των άλλων δύο ώστε να μπορέσει να λειτουργήσει (ειδικά στο collection).

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Ιδιότητες (Dignities)

Posted by Wroskopos on September 10, 2009


Κάθε πλανήτης η φως, ανάλογα με το που βρίσκεται στο χάρτη, αποκτά συγκεκριμένες ιδιότητες και προδιαθέσεις.Χιλιάδες χρόνια πριν, είχαν την ευγενή καλοσύνη να μελετήσουν και καταγράψουν, αυτό που σήμερα όνομάζουμε Ιδιότητες (με εύφημο μνεία στον Πτολεμαίο, του οποίου το πινακάκι χρησιμοποιείται ευρύτατα ακόμη και σήμερα).
Οι Ιδιότητες είναι μία από τις βασικότερες παραμέτρους στην Ωριαία αστρολογία. Οι περισσότεροι που ασχολούνται ερασιτεχνικά με την αστρολογία, είτε αγνοούν είτε υποτιμούν την αξία των Ιδιοτήτων. Κι όμως, οι Ιδιότητες είναι τόσο σημαντικές που πολλές φορές μπορούν να δώσουν από μόνες τους απάντηση σε πολλές ερωτήσεις Ωριαίας!
Κατατάσσονται σε Θεμελιώδεις και Συμπτωματικές, με τις πρώτες να εξαρτώνται αποκλειστικά από τα ζώδια και τις δεύτερες να περιλαμβάνουν πολύ περισσότερα πράγματα μεν, να έχουν ελαφρώς υποδεέστερη ισχύ δε.

Θεμελιώδεις και Συμπτωματικές Ιδιότητες (Essential & Accidental)

Οι Θεμελιώδεις Ιδιότητες καθορίζονται από το ζώδιο στο οποίο είναι ο πλανήτhς που μας ενδιαφέρει και πολύ συχνά είναι καθοριστικές για την έκβαση μιας ερώτησης. Περιγράφουν την κατάσταση ενός Δείκτη (άρα και του προσώπου ή θέματος που συμβολίζει ο Δείκτης), τη δυναμική του, αν δρα, αν είναι μόνος, αν έχει προβλήματα, τις σχέσεις του, τι βλέπει με καλό μάτι και τι όχι, τι αγαπάει και τι φοβάται. Όλα αυτα και ακόμα περισσότερα, τα μαθαίνουμε χωρίς να δούμε οτιδήποτε άλλο εκτός από Ιδιότητες.
Οι Θεμελιώδεις Ιδιότητες είναι επίσης κριτήρια με τα οποία κρίνει ο πλανήτης μας τον κόσμο. Φανταστείτε το, σαν χρωματιστά γυαλιά με τα οποία βλέπει τους άλλους πλανήτες ή τον εαυτό του, ο πλανήτης που μελετάμε.

Παράδειγμα (και θα επεκταθώ αναλυτικά σε επόμενο ποστάκι): Στις 14 μοίρες του Καρκίνου, ΟΠΟΙΟΣ πλανήτης και να βρεθεί εκεί, θα έχει τα εξής χούγια:
– Κυβερνιέται από τη Σελήνη (την αγαπάει, την ακολουθεί, κάνει ότι πει η Σελήνη)
– Κοιτάει το Δία φορώντας τα ροζ γυαλιά της Έξαρσης (ότι και να συμβολίζει ο Δίας στο χάρτη μας, ο πλανήτης μας το λατρεύει, το έχει βάλει πάνω σε βάθρο και το χαζεύει)
– Βλέπει τον Άρη από τριπλότητα (τον συμπαθεί πολύ, είναι φίλοι, καλή παρέα, ευγενικά συναισθήματα προς Άρη)
– Είναι σε Περίοδο και Δεκανό Ερμή (τον συμπαθεί και τον βλέπει, έχουν επαφή, αλλά ως εκεί)
– Είναι σε Αδυναμία ο Κρόνος, άρα ο πλανήτης μας βλέπει ΑΠΟ Αδυναμία τον Κρόνο και ότι συμβολίζει αυτός (τον βλέπει και ντρέπεται, αγχώνεται, ξινίζει τα μούτρα του)
– Τέλος, ο Άρης έχει την Πτώση του στον Καρκίνο, άρα όποιος πλανήτης και να πέσει στον Καρκίνο, αντιπαθεί τον Άρη, (τον φοβάται, βλέπει Άρη και κοκκινίζουν τα μάτια του). Αν πέσει ο ίδιος ο Άρης, τότε δεν είναι καλά, δεν νιώθει καλά, είναι αδύναμος και σε κακή κατάσταση.

Οι Συμπτωματικές Ιδιότητες αφορούν τοποθέτηση σε οίκους, γωνίες με τους ευεργέτες ή τους κακεργέτες, σύνοδοι με σταθερά, ταχύτητα και φορά πορείας και πολλά ακόμη που τους αξίζει δικό τους κεφάλαιο. Υπάρχουν θετικές και αρνητικές Συμπτωματικές Ιδιότητες και είναι σημαντικές, μπορεί να δείξουν σημείο διαφυγής ή επίλυσης σε έναν αρνητικό χάρτη, να ανατρέψουν εν μέρει αυτό που καταδεικνύουν οι Θεμελιώδεις Ιδιότητες και τέλος να χρωματίσουν και να περιγράψουν συμπληρωματικά μια κατάσταση ή ένα χώρο (πχ σε ερωτήσεις χαμένων αντικειμένων).

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