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Why we bother with astrology?

Posted by Wroskopos on February 15, 2010

Basically, because astrology is downright interesting. Strangely enough, I have rarely seen the word “interesting” used as argument in favor of astrology and it is a pity really.

People usually come to astrology for a combined and simultaneous number of reasons. It can help one be prepared for opportunities or disasters, it can direct a person towards its real potential or towards a better understanding of themselves, it is fun, it is interactive socially and so on.

People also make money of it either as gamblers or as practitioners.
Many of the practitioners deserve every single penny they charge. Learning astrology requires – literally – decades of study and reading hundreds of books. If it was a subject taught in universities, few brave would chose it due to its workload.

However sometimes we may have only one reason:

1. We are impatient, we can not wait in anticipation, we want to know now. We also hate fake surprises – don’t tell us “we have a surprise but we are not telling you what it is”; tell us what the darn surprise is…now!

2. We are cautious and like to plan ahead. Life is a serious matter to us, so we do all the research we can and try to predict future conditions in order to prepare for them. Uncertainty is a principle we just don’t like.
Companies do the same when they market research to predict future tendencies.

3. We are feeling lost in a society that doesn’t suit us perfectly and/or we still try to understand ourselves and why we feel miserable and/or we need a vision so we don’t feel miserable. The usual tools to help us in the search for ourselves and furthermore in our search for happiness and vision are psychology and astrology.
Other options include religion and occultism but both are quite demanding and we just need to talk about ourselves right now.

4. We need money and we failed making them with the socially traditional ways of our times. Does not matter what we have to do, we need money and we need them now, there are a lot of gullible victims out there. We won’t bother actually learning astrology, just s few relevant lines to sound savvy and believable.

5. Somebody told us about astrology and they also said some very accurate stuff about us: they told us we have a sense of humor, refined taste and we also are very sensitive and caring individuals. Amazed, we exclaim “Oh my, this is true! Astrology is great, I will read my sign on every newspaper available from now on”.

6. We are scientists. This whole subject is retarded; we can’t believe there are people that believe this crap! People must stop wasting time and money on such a ridiculous endeavor and we must help humanity escape.
This is absurd, we are telling them for centuries that astrology is wrong (ONLY science is right), why do people still believe it? We must make them understand it is wrong!

7. We are desperate, we need hope. Neither requires reason, either is essential part of life. We are in love, or long time unemployed or a dear to us person suffers from severe health problems. In such cases, it is understandable we are after a favorable answer.

8. We are curious. This thing persevered for millennia; so much debate on whether it works or not, so many questions, so much potential. Both philosophically (What is the truth? What are its fundamental underlying principles? To be deterministic or not to be?) and scientifically (why and how it works? under what circumstances does it work if it works?) exciting, we delve into astrology for the exhilarating joy of researching.

ps. By the way, love doesn’t exist. Scientists can not prove or duplicate it in controlled experiments.
Love is as fake as astrology.

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5 Responses to “Why we bother with astrology?”

  1. Hahahaha so true and funny too. This is the funniest post I read on astrology in a loooong time.
    I am generally indifferent to astrologυ but often find myself talking with friends about our signs. I think you can say I am under no5 those times. 😉

    You seem sceptical concerning the subject of astrology.
    Μπράβο ωραίο ποστ (γιατί γράφεις στα αγγλικά?)

  2. Wroskopos said

    Glad you liked it and thank you for the comment.
    I am a skeptic in general. I believe we should question everything, is a good way to find the ins and outs, the advantages and disadvantages of things.

    Μερικά ποστ τα γράφω στα Ελληνικά, δεν υπάρχει συγκεκριμένος λόγος, πάω με τη διάθεση για να είμαι ειλικρινής.

  3. Marina said

    Great post! My skeptical head kept me away from it for years until the triple conjunction in Aquarius forced me to surrender.
    And I love the comment about love being as fake as astrology. Very Neptune/Venus.

  4. Wroskopos said

    Thank you Marina. I think you are right about the “Neptune/Venus” comment (though my virgoan Mercury had multiple second thoughts about it ^^).

    Thank you for the comment!

  5. Kali said

    LOL, I like the bit about the scientists. I have recently run across a few with whom I’ve had a rather saddening debate.
    They used those words, almost exactly. It is a shame that they are so bent on science as being an end-all to everything.
    I am further exploring your site, and finding it much to my liking. 🙂

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