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Quincunx aspect in Horary

Posted by Wroskopos on February 14, 2010

What is a quincunx?

A quincunx is a 150 degrees angle (allowed orb of 2 degrees) and is one out of the two angles considered inconjunct (the other one is semisextile). It was not included in the 5 major Ptolemaic aspects but in later times, was disputed (and still is) that quincunx should be taken into account.


Inconjuncts were derived by signs once upon a time, the sign next or before to the one we care for, has no elemental affiliations and therefore no likeness or alikeness or even enmity. It wasn’t a match, it wasn’t an opponent, it wasn’t a friend; it was a strange foreigner, a misfit, an inconjunct. The sixth sign and eighth sign from the one we care for, are similarly inconjunct as they share no connection (either good or bad) through triplicities.

This strange lack of connection between the inconjuncts, made astrologers intuitively reach the idea that their influence is disruptive.
Further studies proved – to some degree – that quincunx seems to bring an upsetting incident or situation and therefore is considered a negative aspect. It is an aspect that demands changes and adjustments.
Quincunxes are particularly important in medical astrology and they often appear in surgery charts.

Possible meanings of quincunx in Horary charts

– A need for radical change and adjustment in order for the quesited to come true
– A definite “no” to the question
– An impossibility under the current circumstances that renders the quesited improbable
– Obstacles and/or obligations
– Discord
– Dramatic changes in life
– Dislocation, long distance travel, change of residence
– A health issue (in relevant charts)

“Will I succeed in college?” With a quincunx between yours and college’s significators, can mean that you may but you will have to radically change your lifestyle, or your attitude, or residence or move to an institution far away from home, or it can simply mean “no”. Dignities and receptions will give us more details and will guide us to correct interpretation.

As ominous as it seems, the 150 degrees aspect is pretty often kind enough to offer the querent a choice. “You can do *this* IF YOU change *something*. In better words is a “if you have the will and perseverance to go through a radical change you will accomplish your *something*”. You can chose to change what is needed or leave it as is. You are free to choose and you make your destiny. Aren’t quincunxes nice?
However, they usually avoid pointing out what that *something* might be…Which is really, really upsetting.

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