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Posted by Wroskopos on November 25, 2009

Sun is the brightest star in our solar system and has always been of great significance in both religion and astrology. A major influence in any natal chart, sun takes a back seat in Horary as the all mighty Goddess in our art is Moon. However, it maintains some critical importance in delineating horary charts as, besides being a possible significator or a ruler of a house, sun also has some unique attributes based on its very nature.
The strongest and most unlucky is combustion.

Combustion is the worst possible debilitation in any horary chart. Naturally, it is one of the main considerations in Horary. Lilly wrote:

And you must know that the combustion of any planet is the greatest misfortune that can be

and he mentions Arabs insisted on the obscure:

If the Lord of the Ascendant be combust, neither question propounded will take, or Querent be regulated.

Sun is hot and dry. Excessively hot. He burns every other planet that happens to be too close, even the moon. Any planet within 8 degrees and 30 minutes the Sun, in the same sign, is considered combust. It doesn’t alter its meaning if the conjunction is separating or applying (though is somewhat more powerful when Sun “hastens in conjunction” than when it recedes. It matters if they are separated from a sign cusp; combustion works ONLY if it is happening within a sign.
Keep in mind that sometimes, if the other planet is strongly dignified and has power over the sun (like being its domicile dispositor), it softens the impact.

Any planet suffering combustion, is rendered weak at the very best, downright malicious at worst.
The combust planet is extremely weakened, or shows mischief (especially in the case of Mercury), or shows “inability to be seen or heard”, or shows death, health detriment and so on, depending on what the planet being combust signifies and what matter the question is about. The fortunes lose their power to do good and the infortunes are rendered either weak or more malicious depending on their dignities.

If moon, without being a main significator is in combustion, gives a “not fit to be judged” chart, or gives a negative answer (the later especially if it is applying). You can go ahead and read the chart but you already have a red alert that something will go south.

If the querent’s significator is combust, is in “great fear”, overpowered by someone and/or hidden. I will add that, the querent may also find themselves facing some danger or trouble and upheaval.
If we ask about someone’s ability or dignity and his significator is combust, we can judge he is not good or suitable or honest.

“Is this lawyer a good one?” with his significator combust -> No, he is too weak or a swindler.
“Is she honest with me?” with her significator combust -> No, she is hiding something.

If you care to investigate further you will find out that there is dispute on the exact degrees of combustion but here, I will use Lilly’s choice of 8º30′ degrees. You can also find articles and books about the use of combustion in natal chart delineations.

“So, what if I ask a love horary and Sun is my sweetheart’s significator and my own significator is applying a conjunction to sun? Isn’t this combustion? Am I in danger?”
Yes it still is combustion and no, no danger here, but you are burning hot about your sweetheart, rendered weak due to your love and perhaps in fear of losing him/her. If though, in addition to that conjunction, moon is in Via Combusta, I would be cautious.
Context and common sense are important.



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5 Responses to “Combustion”

  1. marieta said

    an se mia oriaia, o hlios einai o simeiodotis toy erotontos (oroskopos sto liontari) kai o hlios vriskete ston 4 ston skorpio, o 4 ( ksekinaei apo zygo kai teleionei prote smoires toksoti) exei akmi sto zygo kai h afroditi einai ston tetarto….ara h afroditi poy dne einai kai kala topothetimeni sto skorpio kaigete apo ton hlio?…auto einai combust?..o hlios einai sthn teliki moira kai etoimos na allaksei zwodio

  2. Wroskopos said

    Είναι στο ίδιο ζώδιο και οι δύο? Δηλαδή στον σκορπιό και οι δύο? Αν όχι, δεν υπάρχει combustion.
    Αν ναι, δες πόση απόσταση έχουν μεταξύ τους. Είναι μέχρι 8 και 30? Αν όχι, δεν είναι combustion.

  3. marieta said

    einai se diaforetiko zwodio, skorpio kai toksoti…to combustion tha edine arniti apantisi panta?, esto kai an oi vasikoi deiktes ekanan ejagono?

  4. Wroskopos said

    Δεν είναι σε ίδιο ζώδιο, άρα δεν έχεις combustion.
    Το combustion δε δίνει πάντα αρνητική απάντηση, εξαρτάται τι δείκτη χτυπάει.

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